The Color of Money

Your Color of Money Score

Over time, you may have made the best financial decisions you could at every turn. If you are like many Americans, you have your money in a variety of accounts – some of them are a perfect long-term fit for your retirement, and some of them might not be.

Sorting through them all can be challenging –especially if you aren’t clear about your goals.

The Color of Money Risk Analysis is a short, 11-question self-assessment that is a great first start. In just a couple of minutes, you will have more knowledge about your risk profile and how you can start organizing your assets.

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This tool is provided as an educational tool, and is not intended to provide investment advice. The result of any calculation performed by this tool is hypothetical and does not assume the effect of fees, commissions, tax rates, or changes in interest rates or the rate of inflation, and is not intended to predict or guarantee the actual results of any investment product or strategy.  Prior to making any financial decisions you should obtain tax or legal advice from a qualified professional.